Voting Breakdown
Percentage based

Gains and Losses
Percentage based

Liberal Democrat – Glenda Allanach, 963 [56.1%, -7.0%]
Conservative – 346 [20.2%, +1.8%]
Labour – 165 [9.6%, -8.8%]
Brexit – 163 [9.5%, +9.5%]
Green – 79 [4.6%, +4.6%]
Lib Dem hold.

William Lonergan says

The sad thing is the low turnout for local elections. We must find a way to get more people interested in and voting for their local councillors. My feeling is that we need to go into "permanent" campaigning mode and have teams outside supermarkets et al once or twice a week to discuss local issues with people. We need to get the message to the younger, Internet, generation that local government has a major effect on their lives and that only by voting will they get the services they and their families need.

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