ADVICE: Using an online content calendar

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. This old adage is never more true than when creating content for your blog, website or social media accounts. We know the problem, life gets in the way; you mean to write a blog but you end up delivering more leaflets instead, luckily a content calendar can help you plan ahead to make sure all the jobs get done.

Content calendars are used by industry and help you build your skeleton campaign on social media and online. They help you have the simple blocks in place every month so that you know some of the blog pieces and social media posts you’ll need to write far ahead of time. You know when Christmas will be already, so why not write the blog while it’s a less stressful time of year, you can edit it later if you need.

We’ve produced a draft that you can use as the basis for your content calendar. Download it.

What’s in our calendar?

Awareness days: Every month we add template MyCouncillor Stories to our Resources Library and share them through our emails. They make great filler stories when mixed in with your local content. We pick issues that we can all get behind so you can just copy and paste them onto your website or social media. We’ve programmed some of the important ones into our content calendar so you can see what’s coming up.

Holidays: Christmas, Mother’s Day or just the clocks changing are great excuses for a quick piece of content for your readers. We know what we’re going to say now so why not get them written.

Local stories: We’ve included a column of local stories we think would be a good idea, but we can’t write them for you because they need your eye, contacts and experiences.

What should I add?

More local stories: Local stories will be the most important part of your blog, things like police surgeries, planning applications and local news will keep you engaged with the local community. Add as much good content as you can.

Download content calendar >

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