Tree planting in South Lakeland

Liberal Democrat run South Lakeland District Council has pledged to facilitate the planting of 2000 new trees in the District and is inviting Parish and Town Councils to help them achieve this. This could be on land owned by South Lakeland District Council, on Parish Council land or other public open spaces. We are including in this bulletin as it may also be of interest in your own council’s area. You can ask residents, schools and community groups to make suggestions as well.

South Lakeland District Council are offering to supply and plant new trees, and provide 12 months of aftercare, free of charge.  The specific species of tree provided will be decided in conjunction with the landowner based on the suitability of the site and available space for it to grow. Trees will generally be 2.5-3 metres tall when supplied, but if larger or smaller trees would suit a particular site they can look at this on a site by site basis.  All trees will be supported by tree stakes and ties, and will be watered in the event of a drought period. When the 12 months aftercare period expires the management of the tree will transfer to the landowner. The landowner is then expected to maintain the tree thereafter.

Once they have this information the council’s Arboriculturist will survey the sites and liaise with the landowner to agree species and site specific details.  If all goes well, the trees can be planted in the 2019-20 planting season.

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David Birkett says

The possibility of providing two trees(damp location Silver Birch/alder)the trees in situ have failed(ASH). The area is a open field.

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