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Now that the European Election is done it’s time to move your door knocking on to your Summer Survey.

To give ALDC members a helping hand for your next session, we have released our latest survey. It’s an A4 z fold and you can choose from two-colour, full-colour and mailmerged addressed versions.

Remember: templates are even better if you localise them, especially if there are big local issues that need to be addressed in your survey.

Download our survey: PagePlusPDF


Surveys are a fantastic way to generate voter ID, campaign issues, and contact with local communities. Used properly, they will establish you and the local Lib Dem team as hard-working, locally-focused, and approachable and with proper follow up they can drive your campaign and messages too.

At the end of the day, the more information about your residents that you can find, the better you can be as a community campaigner or councillor and it will help you write your target mail too. To that end, there is a lot of useful information you can gain from surveys and record in Connect for future voter contact.

Five reasons to survey now:

  • Surveying helps us to find local issues that people care about and prove that we really are hard working local champions.
  • You can collect vital voting intention and contact details to use later.
  • Surveying helps us engage with local people. Instead of just telling them what we’re doing, we ask what matters to them.
  • Summer surveying means you’ll have your campaign messages and important reasons to vote for you nailed down early.
  • Surveys are a brilliant easy first canvass session for new volunteers, they’re relaxed sessions that give you an easy conversation starter on the doorstep. 

What you can do after the survey

Re-visit the area with a petition – a great way to gather additional information and email addresses. The fact that you are visiting after your survey results indicated that an issue is significant locally gives you a great opportunity to reinforce your local connections on the doorstep. Alternatively, a ‘street letter’ that outlines the broad results of the survey could go to houses on all streets that were included – another very local piece of literature.

Use the data to work out your ‘target groups’ – the voting intention question, for example, will indicate whether the respondent should be included in letters designed for Labour- or Conservative-leaning voters. You could also use the answers to create issue-specific email mailing lists.

Publicise the outcome of the survey – don’t forget to issue a press release to your local paper, confirming your survey results. The aspect to sell to the press is the depth of local feeling, so survey respondent numbers are key to making this work.

Publicise survey results using social media – tweet individual stats one at a time “xx residents in favour of more crossing patrols” and include a link to a story about crossing patrols on your MyCouncillor site, and add survey stats to your Facebook page where people who are interested would be able to ‘like’ or comment.

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