Voting Breakdown
Percentage based

Gains and Losses
Percentage based

Ind Gooch 551
LD Moseley 462
LD Vesma 423

Con Lawton 404
Con Heathfield 392
Grn Rhodes 306
Grn Price 282
LD Martin 266
Grn Back 251
Con Winter 217
Ind Wood 175
Ind Holmes 170
Lab Sampson 110
1 Ind Hold and 2 LD gain from Con

Gill Moseley says

This was black hole territory with no Lib Dem representation on the district council for many years.
We two successful candidates had been town councillors since a heavily contested 2016 by-election.
Focus campaign since early last year. Very resilient Tory vote. They worked hard - but only at election time!
Greens were working hard too after sucess in May elsewhere in the District.
Strong independent vote in the area.

Thanks to help in the last weeks from G8 funding, Western Counties, Cheltenham, Ross on Wye and elsewhere to boost our small team's heroic efforts, we did it.

Now we will work to keep it Lib Dem territory and increase our vote share and expand.

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