Getting out the vote with email

One of the beauties of email is that you can plan, write and schedule them. There is no need to rush around on eve of poll to get your knock up emails written, or spend precious time on polling day. Instead, set aside some time now to schedule them all in.

Don’t miss a trick, email is cheap and a great way to remind people to vote.

Who to write to

Over the last few weeks of your campaign, you need to target your emails to people who are supportive. We usually find that people who have given their email address to us are more likely to be supporters, in fact, we often add them to our lists to knock up on polling day if we have insufficient data. But remember you can and should match your email addresses between whichever email software you use to do blast emails and Connect. That way your data will stay up to date and you can comply with people’s right to unsubscribe from contact.

If you export your email addresses from Connect you can also export canvass analysis categories to segment your email lists so you can target messages or be doubly sure you’re knocking up the right people. If in doubt or out of time just send an email to everyone on your list and get them out to vote.

Template emails

We’ve provided some template email text for you to use in your campaign. You’ll need to localise these for your area and maybe include some local messages.

You should try to keep these emails short and to the point though, earlier campaign emails, leaflets and door knocking should have done most of the work convincing people to vote for you.

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