Good mornings, good evenings or both?

When finalising the last 48 hours of your campaign, one thing to resolve is whether you do a good morning, good evening (eve of poll) or both. Good morning, eve of poll and our knock ups throughout polling day should simply explain:

  • That their vote is crucial and we can win
  • Very briefly reiterate your core message
  • That if they have a postal vote it’s not too late to use it

Here are a few things you need to think about before making your decision over whether you should do good mornings, eve of poll leaflets or both.


Importantly you need to consider the number of activists you will have on the ground and the best way of using them.

How big is your Shuttleworth? If it is very large, you may need to target who you are delivering to and at what time.

If you do not have enough people on polling day, is it worth starting with good evenings the night before? Good mornings should be out by 8am, with knocking up beginning at 9.30am and continue throughout the day right up until 10pm. Keep this in mind when working out the best way to use your activists.

Many successful areas do good evenings (or eve of polls) to their non-priority are the night before and concentrate on their best areas on the morning itself.

Amount of data you have

If you know you have enough votes to win, a more targeted good morning rather than blanket delivery would also work.

Equally, if you know one polling district always votes Lib Dem, as a result of your box counts in previous elections, a blanket delivery might be easier.

What is your demographic?

  • Is it commuters who leave early?
  • Is it an older population who vote after breakfast?
  • Is it young families who would vote on their way to work?

Think about who the Lib Dem voters are and who you are trying to target. In my own area there is a polling district where good mornings would be more suitable and another, near the station, where eve of poll leaflets would be better as they have already left to go to work by 7am.

You can use mail-merge

If you are thinking of a more targeted delivery, mail-merge onto the template rather than give over a list. It is much better and in a large enough font size as well!

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