Camden Liberal Democrat Group motion against tenant evictions

Example of a motion submitted by the Camden Liberal Democrat Group – you may want to adapt for your own area.

This Council:

  1. Welcomes the campaign to end Section 21 – the clause of the Housing Act 1988 that allows private landlords to evict tenants without giving a reason.
  2. Acknowledges the link between evictions and rising homelessness, with 80% of UK evictions being ‘no fault evictions’ (whereby the landlord asks the tenant to leave without justification).
  3. Appreciates that the Council often needs to intervene, via its Floating Support Team, to help Camden residents sustain their tenancies, or provide emergency accommodation in the event of homelessness due to unfair evictions from the private rented sector.
  4. Recognises that the threat of ‘no-fault’ eviction causes insecurity for Camden residents renting privately, and can discourage them from complaining when their housing is substandard.
  5. Notes that the London Assembly, as well as five other London councils, have called for an end to Section 21 evictions, while the Scottish Government has banned Section 21.

This Council, therefore:

  1. Supports the campaign to end Section 21.
  2. Calls upon the Leader and Cabinet Members to urge other London councils that have not yet made it their policy to support ending Section 21 to do so.
  3. Further calls upon the Leader and Cabinet Members to lobby national government to change the law to end Section 21, in order to provide better security and peace of mind for the majority of Camden residents living in the private rented sector.

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