2019 by-election progress

So far this year, the Scottish Liberal Democrats are making the most progress in Scottish council by-elections in terms of vote share of all the major parties.

After Jack Caldwell and the North Edinburgh Liberal Democrats more than doubled our vote share in the Leith Walk by-election last week, there are reasons to be optimistic.

So far this year the average vote share increase for the Lib Dems is 3.3%, with the SNP and Greens hovering just under 2% and the Conservatives and Labour both going backwards. This is the makings of an excellent bar chart!

We have only been able to achieve this through hard work. We need to stand candidates at every by-election and we would encourage everyone to be active when the by-elections take place. The big vote share increase in Leith Walk was the result of hard work.

Our next by-election is in Haddington and we need as many members to come out and help as possible. If you can make the trip out to help Stuart Crawford and the team they will be out on the doorstep each week. Why not join them this Saturday for their action day? With your help, we can continue our progress!

If you can help in Haddington please contact our Development Officer, James Calder, at james.calder@aldc.org.

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