MyCouncillor website updates – Monday 11 March

On Monday 11 March we will be updating the editor on our MyCouncillor sites.

What’s the editor?

The editor is what you use to create and edit your posts and pages in the back end of your MyCouncillor site.

Why are you doing it?

Our MyCouncillor sites use software called WordPress – the industry standard for creating and editing websites, as well as producing blog posts. WordPress recently announced a large update and have started rolling it out on all of the websites that use their software.

On Monday 11 March, the new updated software will launch on your MyCouncillor website. We’ve taken the opportunity with the new software updates to add some new security features and we’ve simplified some of the more complicated less useful elements too.

What if I don’t like it?

If you don’t like it you can turn it off temporarily. Just give us a shout and we’ll do it for you.

Unfortunately, we can’t do this forever as WordPress are planning all future development to go through this new editor. However, we can switch it off until after the local elections and maybe beyond that too.

Will it make any difference to what the public see?

No. We have tested it thoroughly with our sites and it will not make any difference to what the public see.

If you do experience any problems our web developers will be right onto it so just get in touch.

Can I get support?

Yes. As always ALDC members can email us via or call us on 0161 302 7532 and we’ll help you with your problem.

I want to learn more. What can I read?

The new editor is called Gutenberg. Read more about it.

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