ALDC By-Election Review 21st February

70 days to go to the local elections was celebrated in the form of two by-elections taking place across the country on 21st February.

Northamptonshire CC, Oundle
Con 1864 [51.3%; -14.1%]
LD Marc Folgate 1276 [35.1%; +24.6%]
Lab 403 [11.1%; -12.9%]
UKIP 89 [2.5%; +2.5%}
Turnout 36.9%
Con Hold (former Councillor sitting as Independent)
Percentage change from 2017

The standout result for the night saw Marc Folgate and the Northamptonshire Lib Dem team put out a scare to the Conservatives in an epic battle for Oundle. Putting on a fantastic campaign, Marc Folgate achieved a huge swing of 24.6% increasing his vote share to a whopping 35.1%. The result saw a huge loss of votes to the Conservativs and Labour, losing 14.1% and 12.9% respectively. Congratulations to Marc and the team on a fantastic result that is sure to raise optimism ahead of May!

Cardiff UA, Ely
PC 831 [43.1%; +17.8%]
Lab 779 [40.4%; -7.1%]
Con 271 [14.1%; -2.4%]
LD Richard Jerrett 46 [2.4%; -6.2%]
[TUSC 0 [-2.1%; -2.1%]]
PC gain Lab
Percentage change from 2017

Thanks go also to Richard Jerrett and the Cardiff Lib Dem for their hard work campaigning and fighting hard for our liberal values. Despite a difficult result, it is always extremely important to have the option to vote for the Liberal Democrats and their hard work should be appreciated, especially in an election that saw both Labour and the Conservatives lose seats.

Next week we have 1 by-election in Berkeley Vale for Stroud DC with Mike Stayte standing.

If you have a spare hour you can find contact details of who to ring to help out on the forthcoming by-elections section of our website.

Or why not donate to the ALDC Fighting Fund so we can give more grants to local teams to help us win more by-elections.

Good luck to Mike Stayte and the team and see you next week!

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