ADVICE: Filling in your nomination forms

Important changes to the nomination process for this May’s local elections

There has been an important change in electoral legislation that impacts nominations for this May’s local elections in England (and all subsequent ones in England and Wales, including by-elections).

The change means that any old nomination packs/forms you have should be binned.

What is the change?

  • The legislation removed the requirement for candidates to have their home addresses published on the ballot paper in principal area elections and parish and community council elections on or after May 2nd.
  • You can still choose to have your address published but if you do not want it published then the ’relevant area’ you live in will be listed instead. Further legislation will remove the requirement for local authority and combined authority mayors.
  • The legislation means that a candidate’s home address will not be published nor will members of the public be able to inspect the part of the nomination forms which contains a home address.
  • The legislation applies to England and Wales not to Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Which nomination packs should you use?

You should use either packs provided by your local authority between now and nomination day or you can download a new style pack. Please note any packs downloaded from the Electoral Commission before Tuesday 22 January 2019 should be discarded.

You must use the new packs for all candidates standing for district, town or parish councils with elections on May 2nd, for any by-elections polling on May 2nd and any subsequent elections. If you have a by-election with a polling date before May 2nd you should use an old style nomination form.

The new style packs have an additional form – 1a, Home address form, which you need to fill in.

Part 1 must be filled in for all candidates while Part 2 must be filled in if you do not wish your address to be published.

The ‘relevant area’ for the form

For home addresses in England:

  • if the address is within a district for which there is a district council, that district;
  • if the address is within a county in which there are no districts with councils, that county;
  • if the address is within a London borough, that London borough;
  • if the address is within the City of London (including the Inner and Middle Temples), the City of London; and
  • if the address is within the Isles of Scilly, the Isles of Scilly

For home addresses in Wales:

  • if the address is within a county, that county;
  • if the address is within a county borough, that county borough

Who will be able to see the home address forms?

The Electoral Commission is still working on it’s full guidance to returning officers but other candidates and agents will be able to inspect the home address forms but members of the public will not.

Dates for the 2019 local elections

  • Last date for publication of the notice of election Tuesday 26 March
  • Last time for delivery of nomination papers 4pm, Wednesday 3 April
  • Publication of notice of persons nominated 4pm, Thursday 4 April

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