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Campaigning on single issues

In order to properly campaign and for it to be effective, we really need to find out the issues that matter most to local residents, locate where their issue is a problem and ultimately try to get a positive result.

As a Liberal Democrat campaigner this is your role – to act as a local champion on the issues that matter most. You’re the person that stands up for your ward, the person who is a link between people who live in your ward and the local council. You need to know and understand your ward.

What are the issues that concern people most? What issues are coming down the pipeline? However, you are also advancing a political cause and you are not a mere populist. Your responsibility is to work with people to help them to help themselves, through your campaigns. The surest way of finding out what really matters to local residents is by asking them – whether on the door or on the telephone. Use time in queues, coffee shops, the launderette, on the bus, the hairdressers to listen to what people are talking about. Conversations are vital to getting more information, beyond voting intention and is vital to maximising your vote at election time. The soft data about what really matters to local residents is very important to your campaign.

A winning campaign objective can be to stop something happening, change something that is going to happen to the benefit of local people or cause something new to happen. Being clear from the start will help you to plan the campaign and be clear with others about what you are trying to achieve.

Single issue leaflet

Most of the time we will be running several campaigns at once and using our Focus leaflets to share news, gather updates and prompt action on all of them. But sometimes we need a more specific leaflet, focusing just on one issue. That way you can really get your message to strike home. That’s why we’ve created a simple single issue template below.

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