RESOURCES: Template direct mail

Direct mail is a term we use to talk about anything addressed, particularly when it’s in an envelope.

The joy of direct mail is that it has a huge read rate compared to leaflets so you can really get your message across, and you can target your messages too.

Check out some of our new templates below.

Postal Vote Recruitment Direct Mail

Designed to get your supporters on to postal votes.

  • PV recruitment letter – PPPPDF
  • PV recruitment insert – PPPPDF
  • Electoral Commission PV form – PDF

Postal Voter Direct Mail

Postal voters are very likely to vote. That means we need to talk to them all year with our key messages.

  • Postal voter letter – PPPPDF
  • Postal voter insert – PPPPDF

Squeeze Mailing

Squeeze helps us to make the election binary and define the question voters ask themselves. We can never do too much!

  • Squeeze letter – PPPPDF
  • Squeeze insert Conservative facing – PPPPDF
  • Squeeze insert Labour facing – PPP – PDF

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