EU citizens and the right to stand and vote

The following motion has been sent in by Chris White and the Hertfordshire Liberal Democrat Group (and the motion was agreed by councillors from all parties).

“This Council welcomes the recent Government clarification that in next May’s local elections outside London EU citizens will retain their right to both stand and vote for next May’s local elections and any EU citizens elected in May will be able to retain their seats for the duration of their term of office.

“However this Council is concerned that following next spring [May 2019], like everything else to do with Brexit, their rights are completely unclear. Therefore Council calls on Her Majesty’s Government to issue urgent clarification as to the long-term future of EU Citizens who have been resident here prior to 29th March 2019.

“This Council believes that EU citizens who demonstrate their commitment to the UK by representing residents on local Councils deserve better than this and that the Government must make it clear that, with or without a deal EU citizens who are long-term resident in the UK  and Hertfordshire will always be allowed to stand in Council elections.”

LGA Lib Dem Group Leader Howard Sykes adds: “You can also get an ‘activist briefing’ from Tom Brake MP’s office which may be of interest.”

Our thanks to Cllr Chris White, LGA Lib Dem lead on Brexit issues, for sharing this information.

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