Brexit: Concerns over adult social care and NHS nursing vacancies

A new report by the Cavendish Coalition of care providers has raised concerns of the impact of Brexit on the health and social care workforce. The research claims that as many as 51,000 nursing staff will be needed to fill vacancies by the time the UK leaves after its transition period ends in 2021. Adult social care will be similarly affected according to the report, with the potentially thousands of care staff lost.

Liberal Democrat Group Leader Howard Sykes said: “Eight per cent of social care staff are non-UK EU nationals (more in some regions) and therefore represents one of the sectors most vulnerable to changes in migration rules. With people living longer, increases in costs and decreases in funding, adult social care is at breaking point. The recent report of the Migration Advisory Committee reinforces the need to improve pay and conditions for social care staff in order to attract the workforce that is needed. This is extra proof that we need to give the people a final say on Brexit, including the option to remain.”

Find out more via the Independent.

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