SUCCESS STORY: Bonfire MyCouncillor Best Practice

Bonfire nights are popular events that bring communities together. That said it can often be hard for residents to find out about local events that are going on in their area. This is where you can come in as a local councillor.

Creating a post on your MyCouncillor site listing all the local bonfire nights is a great way to drive traffic to your website. I’ve installed Google Analytics on my MyCouncillor site, and for the last three years, the post about bonfire nights has been the most popular page!

It’s fairly easy to find upcoming events, simply search Google or check your local clubs and societies on Facebook to see if they’ve posted about their bonfire night activities. Talk to your friends and family too.

Posting up a mixture of local community news and useful information along with political posts creates a mix that is much more engaging than just a local political blog.

You can grab the image from this post to use with your story too. The picture has a Creative Commons license that doesn’t require any attribution.

Take a look at the post I’ve created for bonfire nights in my area (Calderdale).

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