RESOURCES: Direct mail to squeeze voters

This year, the G8 grants programme will be part focused on squeeze letters. The wards receiving this first tranche are being identified, but now is your opportunity to also buy into the scheme.


Whilst promoting your candidate’s merits should be at the core of your campaign, it’s vital that you also squeeze the votes of third, fourth or subsequent parties to back your candidate rather than your main opponent.

Most people have a party they normally vote for and they are also likely to be motivated to make sure a particular party doesn’t win too. If that party is your main opponent, you need to ensure your campaign hammers home the message that it is you who can defeat that party, so that those voters back you.


We send individually addressed letters to voters:

  • To increase the chance of it being read – very useful to get to those in houses of multiple occupations, gated developments, far-flung or hard to access communities.
  • To allow us to target our message to the group receiving it.
  • It encourages people to respond to local campaigns and issues. If the envelope in which the direct mail is sent out is left unsealed, it gives them an envelope with which to reply.

According to a survey carried out by Royal Mail in 2013, 63% of people said they are more likely to take a brand’s marketing message seriously if it is delivered via direct mail. This suggests that if brands want to get their messages out there, direct mail’s the way to do it. The same survey found that only 17% of people felt valued by a brand that sent them marketing emails, compared to 57% of people who said that direct mail marketing makes them feel valued.


  • Language – use plain English, don’t use jargon, get the tone right for your ward’s demographic.
  • Fonts and point sizes – make sure it is easy to read. The RNIB advise that you should use a minimum of 12 pt font size, as well as the use of bold or semi-bold fonts which are easier to read.
  • First paragraph is by far the most read and therefore you need to ensure that it sets up your letter nicely, makes people want to read further and has the main message you want to get across.
  • Always include a PS – this is the second most likely thing to be read and often is used for getting across a squeeze message.
  • Good quality – it will be much better read if it is nicely set out and of a good quality.


Scores of ALDC members contact us for recommendations of printers and requests to lay out leaflets. In response, we are teaming up with Election Workshop to offer members affordable print, direct mail, artwork and campaign materials. In return, Election Workshop are making an agreed donation to the ALDC Fighting Fund for every single order.

You can buy exactly the same letters as we were offering through G8, with reduced postage costs. Election Workshop can design the artwork or have the artwork created for them. Should you be interested in taking them up on this offer, please contact them directly at

Buy-in cost: 56p inc VAT per item (price of second class stamp) including design with a minimum of 250 letters. Otherwise design is £39 including VAT.

Please contact for a quote specific to your area.

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