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With just a few weeks left to sign up for the bulk buy print deal for Christmas cards, we thought this would be a useful reminder of our templates and the brilliant print offer from our print partners Election Workshop.



Election Workshop’s Christmas cards price list (all prices exclude VAT). Any questions call Charles or Chris on 0161 272 6216.

The deadlines are Wednesday 24 October for return by Wednesday 7 November. OR 7 November for return by Wednesday 21 November.

Find out more about the offer.

Why should I do a Christmas card? 

Many Liberal Democrats send Christmas cards to every house in their ward. They provide a good opportunity to remind people that you are there all year round, without a heavy political message.

It is best practice for local parties to insert a personal letter usually from the future local candidate or prominent campaigner. It’s best to keep the content light and personal – no ‘hard’ politics, but a word about how you will be celebrating and your thanks and best wishes to those who work hard in our local community.

Christmas cards should be stuffed into blank envelopes, it is not unusual at this time of year for an unaddressed card to come through your door from a neighbour. So this will not seem strange to people.

To make the most out of your Christmas card delivery it is normal to have yours printed professionally in full-colour, whilst getting your letter printed on a Riso so it can be written on later, closer to the festive season.

Jim Forrest says

Is this still open now the deadline is past? I want an A5 calendar rather than a card so wouldn't need delivery till mid December. Im away from home so would enail the artwork Monday Nov 19. 6000 run.

Neil Fawcett says

Hi Jim,

The best thing to do is to contact Election Workshop directly:

"Any questions call Charles or Chris on 0161 272 6216"

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