Template letter on fracking

You may have been contacted by local residents about the possibility the government will allow fracking to be classed as “permitted development”. Here is a draft reply you may find helpful.

Dear [Insert Name]

Thank you for your recent email with regard to the government’s proposal to allow exploratory drilling to be classed as “permitted development”. I share your concerns as this will, in no doubt, take away the opportunity for councillors to represent the local community in order to have a say on the applications.

I fully recognise the concern about the environmental impact of fracking, the ‘industrialisation’ of green areas, and the consequences of transporting materials and ‘fracking water’ around the surrounding countryside.

The loss of our democratic influence to Whitehall would be a further reduction in the ability of  [OUR AREA] to determine its own future and protect its own land, as well as influencing the perception of [OUR AREA].

Nationally, this is an incredibly important issue given the UK has one of the lowest rates of renewable energy consumption in Europe. Renewables make up a meagre 8% of the UK energy market compared to 54% in Sweden.[2] Fracking is simply another fossil fuel and a distraction from developing the renewable energy sources needed to secure a sustainable, green future for the UK. Instead of finding and releasing more gas and oil through fracking we should be focusing our energies on harnessing solar, wind and tidal power.

Many people feel that the environmental impact of fracking operations far outweighs any possible benefit. Huge amounts of water must also be transported to fracking sites, at significant environmental cost. An Energy and Climate Change Select Committee (ECCC) inquiry concluded that shale gas was unlikely to be a “game-changer” in the UK energy market.[4] Therefore time and money is much more wisely spent investing in renewables which are environmentally friendly and have a positive impact on energy security.

I appreciate you contacting me about this important issue and [OPTIONAL DEPENDING ON THE EMAIL] I have added my name the open letter which was provided to me via your email.

Many thanks and best wishes,


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