RESOURCES: Area squeeze leaflet (A4)

This leaflet is designed to be double delivered with an A3 Focus leaflet in September as part of the Year of Campaigning plan. But you can use the template at any point. 

What is an area squeeze leaflet?

A squeeze leaflet is designed to frame the election between us and our main opposition. It is perhaps the most vital message in a successful campaign. If you don’t already understand the squeeze message then read the party’s helpful Guide to Squeeze.

An area squeeze leaflet should be delivered to every house in areas with a high proportion of third party support. For example, you might know from your tallies at the count last time that two polling districts have an unusually high number of third party supporters. A leaflet like this would be perfect for that area to help them understand that their chosen party can’t win the election. We recommend that you deliver many squeeze leaflets between now and your next election – one will not be enough to get your message across. You can find more ideas for squeeze direct mail and leaflets in the squeeze section of our Resources Library.

Targeting your message through direct mail can be even more effective than just blanket delivering an area – but only if you have enough data on Connect. For those who prefer to do addressed direct mail we recommend using this leaflet as an insert alongside an addressed letter in an envelope, or even using a delivery list to deliver it.

Download the templates: 

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