RESOURCES: Polling Day templates

Polling day is nearly here, so we thought it would be useful to repeat all of our polling day templates in one place.

Literature is vital when we remind our supporters to vote on polling day. Polling day literature lets us leave a reminder behind with every voter, whether we give it to them when talking or post it through their doors if they’re out.

We have a full set up of knock up leaflets which you should use for your first, second, third and fourth knock ups as the day goes on. Using multiple knock up leaflets means that residents will see different literature throughout polling day. These knock up leaflets should be sent out with volunteers when they knoc on to remind residents to vote.

Knock up leaflet 1 (addressed) – PDFPagePlus
Knock up leaflet 2 – PDFPagePlus
Knock up leaflet 3 – PDFPagePlus
Knock up leaflet 4 – PDF – PagePlus

Good mornings and eve of polls are a great way to boost turnout and remind residents about polling day. Eve of polls are designed to go out the day before polling day, while good mornings should be delivered on the morning of polling day when it is too early to start knocking.

Good morning (full colour plank) – PDFPagePlus

Good morning (riso A4) – PDFPagePlus

Eve of poll – PDFPagePlus


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