NHS at 70 motion

Many thanks to the St Albans Lib Dem Group for forwarding this on to us.

This Council:

  1. celebrates the fact that nearly 70 years ago Parliament created a National Health Service, essentially free at the point of delivery
  2. accordingly seeks to maintain those benefits in this District
  3. resolves to write to the Secretary of State and to local MPs asking that the Government:
    • works with those in all parties to find a way of resolving the NHS’s continuing cash crisis
    • makes up the funding gap in social care identified by the Local Government Association
    • gives an undertaking to provide the capital funding needed to provide the identified improvements to Watford General and St Albans hospitals or for a wholly new facility
    • publishes a White Paper by summer 2018 outlining the Government’s intentions for integrating and funding health and social care provision in the future
    • provides adequate funding for mental health care in the district
    • takes appropriate steps to protect community pharmacies in the district

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