LD Benet Allen 316 [43.2%; +43.2%]
Con 291 [39.8%; +3.2%]
Lab 125 [17.1%; -1.3%]
Ind 0 [[0.0%; -28.1%]]
Green 0 [[0.0%; -16.9%]]
Lib Dem gain from Independent

Ian Scott says

Well done Benet and the Lib Dems! West Somerset is a lovely place to live, but it’s population needs more non-Conservative voices in the Council chamber. In our part of Somerset we need to fight for radical improvements in the transport infrastructure and for civic facilities (such as a swimming pool). Major changes are needed to improve lives, young and old, often held in check by Councillors representing only the interests of the well off and those who want to keep the outside world at arm’s length.

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