LD Martin Haswell 1251 [53.9%; +49.5%]
Lab 807 [34.8%; -15.9%]
Con 126 [5.4%; -7.2%]
UKIP 97 [4.2%; -24.7%]
Green 39 [1.7%; -1.8%]
Lib Dem gain from Labour
Percentage changes from 2016

Clyde Kitson says

A brilliant result in a strong Labour area.

Jenni Ferrans says

Fantastic result! Can we hear more about how they did it please! Was it an old Lib seat, when did they start working it hard, etc.

Stephen Smith says

I am from Sunderland, I support the lib dems regarding remaining in the eu, bit blimey you have put me in an unenviable position, I stopped voting for you because you allowed the 2012 health and social care bill to be passed, but you are now the only party to advocate remain!

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