“Lighten up” motion from the Lib Dem Group on Oldham Council

This Council notes:

  • There are an estimated 7.5 million street lights in the UK
  • In 2014, the Green Investment Bank reported that only 10% of these are LED
  • It is estimated that switching all street lights to LED would:
  • save Councils over £200 million per year, paying for half a million children to have free school meals each year or for an extra 12 million hours of social care
  • prevent over 600,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere every year, the equivalent of taking 400,000 cars off the road
  • take 0.5 GW off-peak electricity demand, the equivalent of a coal-fired power station
  • reduce light pollution as they are more directional and can employ sensors which determine when they are most needed and when they are not
  • Further cost reductions can be provided through the use of LED lighting within Council buildings
  • Affordable financing is available to Councils to make the change to LED street lights through the Public Works Loan Board, the Salix Energy Efficiency Loans Scheme and the Green Investment Group amongst others
  • That the change is possible even in a situation where the street lighting service is provided via a Private Finance Initiative model
  • That the 10:10 climate change climate group is asking Council to sign up to the Lighten Up pledge and make a commitment to going fully LED within 5 years

As a local authority committed to reducing its carbon footprint and providing residents with value-for-money services, Council recognises that a change to LED has merit, is worth investigating, and that a proposal to so was approved by the Performance and Value for Money sub-committee when it was presented as part of the alternate budget proposed by the Liberal Democrat Group in 2017.

Council therefore resolves to ask the Performance and Value for Money sub-committee to examine:

  • The practicality and affordability of replacing street lights and lighting in Council buildings with LEDs in whole or in part
  • The possibility of the Council making a commitment to replace all street lights with LEDs within five years and to making the Pledge as a signatory to the Lighten Up campaign.

Proposed by:                                                 Seconded by:

Councillor Diane Williamson                    Councillor John McCann

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