RESOURCES: New Voters letter

This week’s templates are for local campaigners to write to new voters.

The next election register has been added to Connect this December so this is a great opportunity to write to those recently registered.

Why write to New Voters?

New Voters often will not know the difference that having an active Focus team in their area. I know when I first moved into my home, having a letter from the Lib Dem team on my doorstep was the first thing I received from any political party. It is particularly impressive if there is no upcoming election in your area.

Standard practice has been a welcome letter from any of our elected representatives or prospective candidates for address of the new elector.


How to create lists of New Voters 

Creating a list of new voters is really simple but we have included two quick guides (New Voters and 18 year olds).

If you wish to print the letters off in walk order, there is an extra step. You simply need to open your excel file and sort by going into Excel and

  • Data
  • Sort
  • The sort by:
    • Ward
    • Polling District Code
    • Walk
    • Street
    • Elector Number by Suffix or Walk Order if you have already set this up


Template letter and insert – PDF and PagePlus

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