RESOURCE: 2018 English Annual Report Template

This week we’re releasing our new 2018 Annual Report Template, designed for A3 full colour, with an exciting fold (tri-fold poster)!

Annual reports are designed to be candidate or team focused and to give an overview of the work you and your team have done over the past year. As such they should be mostly positive in their stories and effusive about the hard work the candidate had already done. This is too wordy for an election leaflet and it is better to do other leaflets in March, April and May. You’ll find several different options within the PagePlus file that you can choose from to make the leaflet work for you and your team. Each option has a read me adjacent with an explanation.


We’ve teamed up with our print partners Election Workshop to make this leaflet affordable. Extra folds usually add to the price but they’ve managed to come down to their usual A3 price. As always we encourage you to look for second and third quotes to make sure you’re getting the best deal. You can contact Election Workshop by emailing

Print run – A3 folded
500 – £89
1,000 – £109
2,000 – £161
2,500  – £169
5,000  – £265
6,000 – £299
7,000 – £345
7,500 – £359
10,000 – £449
15,000 – £545
20,000  – £675
per +5k  – £130
40,000  – £1195


Please get in touch with us using with any feedback you have on our templates, or any ideas about what templates we should create next.

The files

PDF download here

PagePlus download here

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