Template press release on rural broadband

Lib Dem HQ have put together a template press release on rural broadband and the Liberal Democrats’ recent fight in the House of Lords to ensure faster internet for everyone.

To check the internet speeds in your area go to broadbandtest.which.co.uk and compare them against the UK average and the Lib Dem target of a download speed of 30mbs.

Government failing to fix rural broadband crisis

The Liberal Democrats have piled pressure on the government to improve broadband services for [AREA].

Liberal Democrat peers put down a series of amendments to the Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill that would have incentivised internet providers to deliver connections to the more isolated areas of England and Wales.

The UK currently lags behind 19 European countries, 17 of them in the European Union when it comes to average internet speeds.

The government shot down all the amendments meaning [AREA] will face a continued future of low speed internet and stymied business opportunities. The Lib Dems are continuing to fight for a download speed of 30mbs as a standard across the country.

Local Liberal Democrat campaigner [SPOKESPERSON] said:

“This government have failed again and again to deliver high speed internet for the people of [AREA].

“Rural broadband is vital to ensuring local businesses can remain competitive and local residents can stay connected. It is shameful that the government would choose to ignore our plight.

“The Liberal Democrats have fought for changes locally and nationally which would have seen the whole of the UK better connected, but the Tories have dug their heels in every step of the way.”


Michael REID says

Appreciate in rural areas it is not economic to link FIBREOPTIC to every house.Could the link not be made with an WiFi connection at the end of the Fibre?( Instead of the copper wire link?)

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