Campaigning on Crime: Part Four

Crime is an issue that is once again on the rise, and from our experiences, is coming up more and more on the doorstep.

As part of our campaigning advice, we are launching an updated campaigning on crime pack today. It features suggested advice on what you should be campaigning on locally over the next few months.

This month we are suggesting you make sure crime features in your next Focus leaflet.

Use our drop in artwork

Regular Focus leaflets in a ward help to build communication between the local Lib Dem team and residents.

They show that the local Lib Dem team is working with the local community, resolving issues, keeping residents informed and listening to their concerns.

By campaigning on issues raised by residents and identified by the team, getting results for the local community, and reporting back these successes, Focus leaflets can play a significant role in encouraging community engagement and activity.

Police cuts petition Focus – PDF and PagePlus

If you have already done a survey, make sure you are reporting back.

Report back Focus – PDF and PagePlus

Your examples:

View the whole crime pack.

We are really keen to have your feedback on the pack. Please let me know if you have used it and if you have any ideas or topics for future packs. Email me at:

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