Council Motion: “Tyred” campaign

Wirral Lib Dem group have just supported the ’Tyred’ Campaign. “Tyred” seek to introduce limits on the age of tyres used on coaches and buses and a leading figure in the campaign is Frances Molloy. This followed a crash which killed three people in 2012, including Michael Molloy who was Frances’ son.

  • A tyre failed due to being very worn 4 months after an MOT, not only down to the core but rotted from the inside. This was because the tyre was 19 years old. The age of tyres can be checked as there is a symbol placed on it at the time of manufacture.
  • The problem is not just one of setting an age limit, but getting the tyres checked.
  • There may be operators who put good tyres on for the MOT then take them off again.
  • The big companies Arriva, Stagecoach, National Express have an agreed policy on renewal.
  • It would appear, though, that whilst there is government guidance, ensuring that it is followed is another matter.

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Motion passed at Wirrall Council, October 2017 with Liberal Democrat support

On Monday 10 September 2012 a coach bound for Liverpool carrying 53 people from the Bestival music festival on the Isle of Wight, left the road and crashed into a tree instantly killing Michael Molloy (18), Kerry Ogden (23) and the coach driver, Colin Daulby (63), and left others with life changing injuries

The inquest into the crash found that the front nearside tyre which was actually older than the coach itself, at 19 years, was responsible for the crash.

In 2014, Liverpool City Council unanimously agreed a motion in support of Michael’s mother Frances calling for a change in the law requiring a ban on tyres older than six years on commercial vehicles. Despite the wide spread public and political support for this campaign, no change in the law has been made, shamefully leaving others at risk from faulty and dangerous tyres.

Council notes that Frances Molloy has launched “Tyred” – the official campaign to pressure Government – to change the law to ban the use of tyres older than ten years on commercial vehicles.

Council wholeheartedly supports “Tyred” and instructs the Leader of the Council to write to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition to call together cross-party support for a change in the law.

Council further resolves to support the “Tyred” campaign until such a change in the law is achieved and to draw the attention of the Local Government Association, especially its Environment and Transport Board, to this Council’s view that the concerns should be fully addressed.

Finally, Council asks the Chief Executive to write to all schools in the Borough asking them to require coach and bus operators they use for school trips etc to adhere to the provisions set out in the Tyred campaign.

Council should also ask officers to look at our own procurement procedures with a view to inserting an appropriate clause in any contracts with commercial operators and to also ensure that this standard applies to our own vehicle fleet.

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