Template Press Release on council homes sold under Right to Buy

See below a local template press release for areas where homes sold under Right to Buy have not been replaced, in response to Theresa May’s announcement today of just £2bn of extra funding for social housing.

You can find local figures here on how many homes by local authority have been sold under Right to Buy and the number and proportion of these that have been replaced.

Only 1 in X council homes sold in AREA replaced since 2015

Only one in X council homes in AREA sold off under Right to Buy have been replaced since 2015, analysis by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.

The party is calling on the government to reform Right to Buy and ensure all affordable homes sold are replaced.

In total XXX council homes in [AREA] have been sold off since April 2015, official figures show, while just XXX have been built under the government’s replacement scheme.

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson XXX commented:

“Under the Conservatives, building of affordable housing has plummeted, leading to longer waiting lists and more families struggling to pay their rent.

“In the past two years, over XXX council homes in [AREA] have been sold off but only XXX have been replaced.

“The government must reform Right to Buy by allowing local councils to suspend it if they want, and provide enough enough funding to ensure all homes sold are replaced.

“We must also ensure local authorities and housing associations can borrow the money needed to build more social housing.”


Notes to Editors

Between April 2015 and March 2017, XXX homes were sold under Right to Buy in [AREA] while only XXX were built under the government’s replacement scheme (see full figures here).


Department for Communities and Local Government (29 June 2017, link)

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