New book release: Pick a ward and win it

This brand new book has been written for aspiring campaigners and candidates who want to go out and win a ward for the Liberal Democrats, make a difference for their communities and empower their residents.

Liberal Democrat councillors can and do make a real difference for the local communities. Over a few years, winning a number of wards can lead to overall or shared council control, and to winning an MP.

Winning has always started somewhere. Some of our most successful Liberal Democrat areas began with a small team winning in one ward. If you’re in a council area or constituency with no Liberal Democrat councillors then we want you to pick a ward, and win it. If you’re in an area that already has councillors but the capacity for growth, we want you to pick another ward, and win it.

In almost all cases this is going to be ONE ward. Liberal Democrats have learnt the hard way over the years that we need to target our resources to win. Our basic strategy is to stand a candidate in every ward BUT target ALL our resources (people, money, leaflets, etc) at the wards we want to win.

In this book we want to give you the knowledge we’ve built up over years of campaigning. Sharing tried and tested tips and rules. This isn’t an exhaustive book – but instead it’s designed to give you the pointers you’ll need to get going in your first election and beyond.

This product will only be sold to Lib Dem party members. Please provide your ALDC or party membership numbers with the order for us to check.

Buy the book from ALDC Book Shop

ALDC members get the book for just £5 that’s a huge 50% discount; and non-ALDC members can get it for £10.

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