Join in with our Success Stories at conference

We are running a series of new sessions at Autumn conference called ‘Success Stories’. At each session a panel will give the benefit of their experience and successes on the subject at hand. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion, with contributions from other participants being very welcome.

Come along and join in to a lively conversation.


Saturday 11.00-12.30

BE A COUNCILLOR: Success Stories – What you can achieve as a councillor

  • Chair: Heather Kidd
  • Blandford, Highcliff Mariott


Sunday 11.00-12.30

PICK A WARD AND WIN IT: Success Stories – How to win a ward from scratch

  • Chair: Veronica German
  • Purbeck, Highcliff Mariott


Tuesday 11.00-12.30

DIGITAL CAMPAIGNING: Success Stories – Digital campaigning that works at a local level

  • Chair: James Moore
  • Bryanstan, Highcliff Mariott


TALKING TO VOTERS: Success Stories – Tales from the campaign trail… how talking to voters wins elections

  • Chair: Paul Clark
  • Purbeck, Highcliff Mariott

Shirely Holt says

Are the dates correct - there is no meeting for Monday

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