Be a Councillor Guides and Training

The LGA and ALDC have produced several ‘Be a Councillor’ guide for Liberal Democrat members and supporters.

Lib Dem councillors have long been an important democratic voice for the party. Our well-worn mottos of ‘working hard all year round’ and ‘success you can see’ really mean something to the communities we represent.

The guide contains information about how councils work, the role of a councillor and most importantly, what being a Lib Dem councillor looks like.

Guide to being a Lib Dem Councillor 

Guide to being a Lib Dem County Councillor

Guide to being a Lib Dem Councillor in Liverpool

Guide to being a Lib Dem Councillor in London

Guide to being a Lib Dem Councillor in Birmingham

Guide to being a Young Lib Dem Councillor 

Inside each guide you will hear from Lib Dem councillors from different local councils. They have shared why they are Lib Dem councillors and why it is important to them to represent their communities. The guide is a great starting point if you have ever looked at other councillors and thought ‘I could do this’. There is also information about where to go to find out more.

In local government the Lib Dems are working hard for local people, standing up for our communities and making sure everyone knows the difference the Lib Dems can make.

Coral pollendine says

Hello do I have to be a member of the Lib Dem’s for at least 6 months before I can be a local councillor

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