Board vacancies and Regional Peer (temporary appointment)

Board vacancies

Following the Liberal Democrat Group Elections, there are vacancies on the following LGA Boards still to be filled:

  • Safer Communities Board – full member
  • Community Well Being Board – substitute member
  • Cities Board – substitute member

Details of the work of the Liberal Democrat members of the boards over the last two years can be seen in our annual reports online.

The full-member place on the Safer Communities Board comes with an allowance.

Regional Peer (temporary appointment)

The LGA Lib Dem Group is looking to fill the position of Regional Peer on a temporary basis with immediate effect until the end of September. This is a key role with the group and involves advising and supporting council groups up and down the country. An allowance is paid for this work.

The key responsibilities of this role include:

  • To support the National Lead Member Peer to ensure the effective management, deployment and development of individual member peers and the peer pool generally.
  • To gather intelligence and understand the political and other issues affecting the performance of individual councils.
  • To develop and maintain networks and channels of communication with council leaders, council group leaders and local government bodies.
  • To work with the relevant Group Improvement Board and Principal Advisers to ensure that intelligence and best practice from councils drives improvement across local government.
  • To work directly with those councils perceived to be most at risk, in conjunction with the Principal Adviser.
  • To identify innovation and best practice that can be shared across the sector.
  • To contribute to the development of the LGA’s products and services and to help promote them to the sector.

How to apply

Any Liberal Democrat Councillor who is on a LGA member authority and is an ALDC member has the right to apply for the above positions. If you are interested in applying for any of these roles please email up to 300 words, explaining how your skills and experience would meet these roles. This should be sent to by 12 noon on Wednesday 12 July.

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