RESOURCES: Knock and drop survey templates

We’ve created some exciting new templates for knock and drop surveys over the summer.

The surveys are intended to be printed in bulk and then mail-merged so we can collect peoples’ data and to be used when canvassing to make the most out of the conversations we have.

There is also artwork for an overprinted DL envelope to increase open rates.

We’re also offering special prices through our print partners Election Workshop.

Price = £48 for basic artwork, setup and delivery. 10p each (survery, mail-merged, in overprinted envelope, enclosed and boxed). Minimum order 500.

Speak to the team by emailing for any questions.

Dean Crofts says

Increasingly frustrated that Pageplus files are created using updated version software - this one version 19 - when I thought the version Lib Dems use is Version 8. Some fonts are not compatible and the leaflet does not transfer well to pageplus. Help!!!!

Paul Fairburn says

I agree with Dean. I haven't had too much difficulty, but it can't be a great idea, can it?
Good to see the templates using the new 2017 fonts though.

Rosemary Smith says

We are trying to reactivate a dormant area - has had Lib Dem councillors in the past - and i wanted a general survey to use. We have no election coming up, so have no candidate, nor do we (yet have an active team. i was hoping for something alittle less lelection-oriented than these two surveys. Was hoping for a wider range, too. Sad
Rosemray Smith

Ed Stephenson says

Hi Dean,

This survey is created using Pageplus X9 (or 19 the most recent version) for the last two years X8 (18) has been the go to version. Recently we asked the party, as they had started using X9, they will be encouraging new joiners to use that partly because it is cheaper than older versions. Both X8 and X9 have full back compatibility to at least X4 (introduced in about 2012). As a party we tend to move forward at every other release to avoid getting too out of date with recent microsoft updates. I apologise if this is frustrating. The X9 version is £20 and worth the upgrade if you're using version 8, as that will now be about 12 years old. If however you're using version X8 there is no reason to change.

Because this item is one of the first using the new federal party style guide fonts, it may be worth checking you have those installed on your computer. You can find them at



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