Thank you templates – with General Election drop in

Whether you won or lost, there’s one vital task you should do immediately after the election: say thank you to your helpers, deliverers and campaign colleagues.

Saying “thank you” to voters is traditionally done with a thank you FOCUS delivered as soon as possible throughout your ward, although there are other options too!

You can use letters, cards or make phone phone calls to people who helped your election campaign. Don’t forget paper candidates and people who helped on polling day.

Another top tip is to write to the 10 people who signed your nomination papers to say thank you for allowing X number of residents to vote Lib Dem.

We have also added a General Election drop in as part of this artwork. Please note all of this would have to appear on your local candidate return for the General Election.


  • Thank you Focus RISO – PagePlus and PDF
  • Thank you letters – including for members, deliverers, poster sites and Definite Lib Dems – Word
  • Thank you to donors – Word

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