Template Press Release: Scrapping free school lunches would waste x spent upgrading kitchens in AREA

Here is a template local press release on how the Conservatives would waste money spent upgrading kitchens by scrapping free school lunches.

You can find figures on how much funding was given to each local authority to upgrade school kitchens here, alongside previous figures on the number of children who would lose out.

A list of schools that were most in need of upgrading and received additional funding can be found here, which you can include a mention of if they are in your constituency.
Scrapping free school lunches would waste X spent upgrading kitchens in AREA

Plans by Theresa May to axe free school lunches would waste the £X invested in [AREA] to upgrade school kitchens, according to the Liberal Democrats.

It comes after figures revealed (INSERT NUMBER) children in [AREA] are set to lose out under the Conservative proposals.

When in government, the Liberal Democrats invested £160m upgrading school kitchen facilities to enable them to prepare hot lunches, including £X in AREA.

IF APPLICABLE: (Some schools including XXX and XXX in area were among those most in need of upgrading, receiving an additional £X).

Liberal Democrat candidate for AREA commented:

“The Liberal Democrats in government invested £160m to give schools the kitchens they needed to ensure that no infant would go hungry, including £X in area.

“This policy was extremely successful and guaranteed that local children received at least two of their five a day in their school lunch.

“But now Theresa May is threatening to throw that money down the drain.

“A Conservative measure designed to save money will waste money. Not only is it heartless, it is bad economics.

“I challenge my Conservative opponent to say whether, if elected, he/ she would vote against their own party to ensure that children in (AREA) receive a decent lunch.

“The Liberal Democrats will protect free school lunches for infants and ensure all primary school children can get a healthy, free lunch a day.”


Notes to editors

The government announced £150 million of funding to upgrade school facilities in 2015 (link)

An additional £10 million of funding was announced in 2015 to support the schools which most needed it (link)

The Liberal Democrats introduced free school meals when in government and have committed in their manifesto to extend free school meals to all primary school pupils (link, p.30)

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