General Election Briefing – 24 May 2017

Welcome to our latest General Election Briefing.

We must move to target seats

Don’t let June 9th be another one of those mornings. Over the next two weeks the Liberal Democrats face an enormous task to win seats in this General Election and ALDC members’ should lead from the front by visiting their nearest target seat and committing as much help as possible.

The last set of county elections shows that we can increase our vote share a lot but still lose seats – we cannot let this happen in the General Election. If your seat is not in the tier one category (you will have been told if it is) you should invest your energy in a target seat. The federal party have created a handy website tool to tell you where you should help out. Click here and enter your postcode to find out where your help will make the difference.


ALDC members will know that we’re available to give advice on council and campaigning queries all year round. During General Election time we also run a special ‘Election Law Helpline’ for all Liberal Democrats. Find out more about this service.

ALDC members can also find everything they need on our Advice FAQ microsite.


Here at ALDC we provide the resources you need to campaign, all year every year. This is still the case during the General Election. Visit the links below to see some of the resources we’ve provided for your General Election Campaign so far:

Important deadlines:

  • 31st May – Deadline for proxy vote applications (not postal proxy or emergency proxy) (5pm)
  • 1st June – Deadline for notification of polling and counting agents (midnight)
  • 2nd June – First date that electors can apply for a replacement for lost postal votes
  • 8th June – Polling day

Keep an eye on our General Election ‘one stop shop’ page as it features all of the above content and is added to as and when we produce new stuff.

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