Year of Campaigning – April
‘Working hard all year round’ is so much more than a slogan for Liberal Democrat campaigners; it describes how activists, candidates and councillors hit the doorsteps, make calls and deliver Focus leaflets whatever the weather.

Throughout 2017, we’re providing you with tips to help you get the most from your monthly campaigning.

In partnership with Election Workshop, we’ve produced a year-long campaign plan full of templates and print offers. You can use it to plan your local copy and photo deadlines to ensure you design your leaflets in advance of print deadlines. You can then work out the cost of your campaign so that you can raise the funds.

Download the Year of Campaigning Guide and Planner.

If your facing an election this May, your campaign should be in full-swing. You should be prioritising who you’re talking to – think about canvassing main roads for better poster sites, narrowing down to definite and probable Lib Dems, and making sure your supporters go and vote.

For your get out the postal vote operation, think about phoning, some pre-contact and making sure you get targeted delivery to them before they vote. Also do not remove them from your contact list until you know they have returned their ballot paper. As we have shown in other advice spots, postal voters are really determining the outcome of so many elections. Our previous advice on getting out the postal votes is here.

It is also time to start confirming your strategy for the final weeks – who are you going to continue to speak to, do you have the capacity to deliver good mornings across the whole patch, etc. Here are a few more pointers.

For those without an election, make sure you continue your regular deliveries and see if you can help in a neighbouring campaign. If you do not know who to contact, please email and we can put you in touch with teams.

If you’ve not got elections this May, we suggest using these great templates during April to help you carry on delivering and knocking on doors:

If you’ve got elections this May, here are all the templates you should need and we have placed all of our get out the vote items below.

Please contact Election Workshop for more information about printing costs for the above items.

To help you on polling day, we’ve produced the following helpful templates, including: a polling day briefing and script, car list, committee room list, literature examples, planner for people, sign-in sheet, tellers rota, useful numbers list and a preparation list – PagePlus PDF

With less than a month to go before local elections across the UK, it’s time to think about your Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operation with Connect.

Connect has plenty of tools to help with this, and we’ve been updating things to help make the best use of your data when it comes to targeting voters during the final run in.

The LDHQ Connect team are running a webinar to guide you through this process four times in the next two weeks.  These are set at various times, so hopefully at least one will be convenient for you.  They are:

Monday 10th April 9pm
Wednesday 12th April 6pm
Monday 17th April (Easter Monday) 10am
Monday 17th April 6pm

You can sign up to one of them by following this link:

After May’s elections, ALDC’s online training and advice webinars will restart, this time covering how to complete your expense returns.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The different categories of expenses
  • Knowing your limits
  • Time for any questions you may have

Each webinar will last a maximum of 30 minutes and they’re free for ALDC members.

Sign up to one of the webinars.

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