LDHQ Template Press Release- Young stripped of housing benefit

Please see a template press release below on the number of young people in your area set to be hit by the Conservatives’ decision to strip housing benefit from 18-21 year olds.

The Lib Dems have committed today to reverse the cuts (see national story in the Mirror here).

You can adapt using local figures LDHQ have put together on the number of young people that are set to lose out by constituency and the number of rough sleepers by local authority.

As the figures for some constituencies are fairly low you may want to add up the figures for constituencies in your county/city/region and use those instead.

(INSERT FIGURE) young people in AREA to be stripped of housing benefit

Over (INSERT FIGURE) young people in (AREA) will be affected by the Conservative government’s decision to strip 18-21 year olds of housing benefit, research by the House of Commons library commissioned by the Liberal Democrats has shown.

In total 18,000 young people across the country expected to be affected. The Liberal Democrats have committed to reverse the cuts, which came into force at the beginning of this month.

(AREA) is already suffering from high levels of homelessness, with official figures showing there  were (INSERT FIGURE) rough sleepers in 2016. Charities have warned that stripping 18-21 year-olds of housing benefits could push more young people onto the streets while research has shown it is likely to cost taxpayers more than it saves.

Liberal Democrat [spokesperson] commented:

“The heartless decision to strip under-21s of housing benefit risks pushing more young people in [AREA] onto the streets.

“Vulnerable youngsters with nowhere else to turn are being abandoned by this Conservative government. This nasty and counterproductive policy should be overturned immediately.

“Younger generations have the most to lose from the increasingly divisive policies and hard Brexit agenda being pursued by this Conservative government.

“This election is a chance to change the direction of our country. The Liberal Democrats will restore housing benefit for 18-21 year olds and prevent a destructive hard Brexit robbing young people of their futures.”


Notes to Editors

Figures from the House of Commons library showing the number of 18-21 year olds in receipt of Housing Benefit who will be impacted can be found here (link)

The latest figures on rough sleeper by local authority can be found here (link)

Charities have warned the policy will risk pushing thousands more young people onto the streets. Research by Heriot Watt University has claimed the policy will save just £3 million. This means if just 140 more young people were made homeless, the policy would actually cost taxpayers more money overall than it saves. (link)

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