Five best practice top tips to boost your election campaign

Five tips to improve your campaigning…

1. Ensure your leaflet delivery rounds are prepared

If you’re having an action day, make sure your leaflets are printed out, your delivery round maps are prepared and you have plenty of delivery bags that you can lend to volunteers. Remember to give your volunteers some guidance, such as: always shut gates; wear sensible footwear; and ensure leaflets are pushed all the way through letterboxes (avoid potential dog bites and use a wooden spatula to push leaflets through letterboxes!).

Put notes on the delivery sheets, e.g. flats can only be accessed in the mornings by using the trade button. Bradford are leading the way in best practice by providing all volunteers with a do’s and don’ts helpsheet the first time they deliver leaflets for them. We have also seen affordable canvass bags (see eBay and Amazon), prefilled with a delivery round’s leaflets and map, being given out to deliverers in Derbyshire.

2. Send thank you cards to anyone who donates to your campaign

Anyone who donates to your campaign deserves to be thanked properly. At ALDC, we recommend that you send a quick thank you card to everyone who donates to your campaign and tell them how important their donation was.

You should also ask everyone who donates whether they would be interested in setting up a standing order to your local party. Your treasurer will thank you for the regular supply of small donations that make financial planning much easier.

Picture of Sci-Fi Thank you cards

As an example, Calderdale Liberal Democrats have been sending out science fiction themed thank you cards to people who make donations.

3. Double drop leaflets with hand delivered direct mail

If you’re going door-to-door with leaflets, it makes sense to also be delivering targeted direct mail at the same time. Use the target pools in Connect to generate lists, that you can then mail merge into direct mail.

If you are delivering leaflets it is not that much extra effort to deliver a ‘pool’ mailing at the same time. An example of a postal vote letter that is about to be sent out by Liberal Democrats in Northumberland can be viewed here.

4. Be seen

Don’t be scared of wearing a rosette, Liberal Democrat branded t-shirt or delivery bag when out leafleting. Everyone who walks past you or drives past you will see that Liberal Democrats are active in the area. It is important to be seen out and about.

A picture of the Dutch party D66 delivering leaflets wearing matching scarfs

In Holland D66 wear matching scarfs and rain coats so that they are seen and recognised when out and about.

5. Always ask for emails

Every time you canvass someone you should be asking for their emails. Use the emails that you collect to keep voters up to date with your campaign. Asking for emails should be as automatic as asking someone who they are going to vote for, sadly as a party we have a long way to go before we integrate email campaigning into all our activity.

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