CONFIDENTIAL: General Election ‘Election Communication’ update

At ALDC we, like you, are working full-on for the local and mayoral elections on May 4th. But we want to take a minute to update you on plans for the General Election ‘Election Communication’ (sometimes called a Freepost or Election Address).


ALDC are providing template artwork for unaddressed Election Communications (one for every house).

A3 Election Communication – PagePlus and PDF

A4 Election Communication – PagePlus and PDF

The Election Communication also comes with an option of a special bulk buy+ deal from our print partners Election Workshop. See the deadlines below for more details.


They are simpler than addressed Election Communications and more suitable for the timescale and for more modest teams, or teams who do not have previous experience of an addressed one. We are recommending unaddressed Election Communications for all non-target seats. Target seats will need to approach the Party’s Campaigns and Elections department for details of addressed Election Communications.


Due to the nature of this snap General Election, deadlines for the Election Communication aren’t movable and will start before polling day for the local elections. When we release our Election Communication templates on Friday they will be accompanied with a ‘how to guide’ produced by Election Workshop. However, it is vital that you take note of the deadlines below now, the earliest of which falls before polling day for the local elections.

Deadlines for unaddressed Election Communication, printed by Election Workshop

  • 28th April – Templates released for unaddressed election address.
  • 2nd May – Artwork finished and sent to the Royal Mail for approval (48 hour turnaround).
  • 5th May – Any corrections completed, artwork sent to Election Workshop.
  • 16th May – Your Election Communication delivered back to you, pre-boxed and with stickers.
  • 16th May – The last day to book your slot for delivery at the Royal Mail sorting office (they need at least 48 hours notice).
  • 19th May – Final day for drop off at Royal Mail depot.
  • 22nd May – First date for delivery of your Election Communication.
  • 31st May – Last possible date for delivery of your Election Communication.


Due to new rules from the Electoral Commission the entire cost of the Election Communication will need to be attributed to the ‘candidate’ portion of your election expenses. Even if you’re using 100% national wording or 100% national templates. 


You can find templates for General Election leaflets in the Lib Dem Campaigners’ Google Drive. If you do not have access please email

If you have not already please sign up to get the ALDC General Election Campaign Kit 2017 for important information and guides on how to get the best results in this election and beyond. Register for your FREE Campaign Kit.

You can find some examples of General Election literature produced by the ALDC team in their seats here.

Michael Watson says

Hi. How are we supposed to get 50,000 leaflets from Dorking in Surrey to the Royal Mail in Rochester when the leaflets will have without doubt been delivered to us on a pallet and when we do not have a fork lift truck and do not have a commercial vehicle to transport them. This has to be re-thought - with the leaflets delivered directly to the Royal Mail.

Mike Ward says

I am looking forward to getting my free campaign kite. We certainly expect ours to be flying.

Fran Oborski says

We have a local printer able to do 46,000 A3 folded to A5 for £1000 can you beat that?

Kay Kirkham says

Same problem with transport. Last time they were delivered from the printer directly to the PO.

Ed Stephenson says

Hi all.

In regards to delivery to the local party as opposed to delivery to the Royal mail.

When handing over your mailing to the Royal Mail you need a correctly filled in EL1 certificate of posting form which you can get from your Royal Mail Election Manager. This form has to be handled and signed by the candidate as it their declaration and must be delivered with the leaflets to the sorting office.

Further this based on a safety first approach from the 2015 Royal Mail guidance. There is as yet no released guidance for 2017 Candidate Mail. When there is it may be that Election Workshop wish to revise what they can do.

Christopher Bailey says

We have no candidate for Southend West at present - still looking hard but may not be able to meet your 2 May deadline. Any latitude in that?

Ed Stephenson says

Hi Christopher. Sorry it isn't our deadline - it's Election Workshop's deadline - you would have to speak to them at

Also that deadline is set for their bulk buy deal. There are advantages other than cost to taking that up, but you may find you can get a local printer to turn around the printing much faster on a one off basis.

Jon Ball says

It really doesn't make sense for all non-target seats to do unaddressed. They're not reliably delivered in many areas (notably London) as the postmen just take a handful out with them and chuck most of them away and sometimes deliver to the wrong constituency. We need a split addressed package like in 2015.

Ed Stephenson says

Hi Jon,

It is obviously up to seats and local parties what they'd like to do. There is definitely a case for doing a multi split addressed freepost. It does take a really big effort to get it right though.

There are split freepost templates coming out from the federal party and it may be that those would better suit your needs.


Christine Headley says

We have been paying Royal Mail to deliver county election leaflets, where coverage of the division and RM sector align sufficiently. I have just had a report of one arriving *way* out of area.

Christine Headley says

I take it back! It's the division boundary that is weird, not Royal Mail that is incompetent.

Kathy Pollard says

Am I missing the prices somewhere? We are very interested in this deal but need to know the cost. I'm also concerned about not delivering direct to Royal Mail.

Dan Sear says

The imprint does not seem to have the printer address? Can you confirm what this is please?

Kay Kirkham says

The printer address is missing. I assume that it has to be on?


Hi Kathy. The bulk buy quotes for these are £1,600 for 40,000 A3 and £1,300 for 40,000 A4. Please for a quote


The printers address if going with the bulk buy offer is Printed by Letter Workshop, Room 1, 23 New Mount St, Manchester, M4 4DE.

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