Template MyCouncillor post: Labour’s ‘Right to Remain’ shambles

This Monday Labour were a disgrace.

EU Citizens who live in this country were let down by Labour in the Lords and some Labour MPs in the Commons.

As Liberal Democrats we believe in an open, united and tolerant future for our country. That’s one reason why we backed and will continue to fight for the ‘Right to Remain’ for EU citizens in the UK.

At ALDC we’ve produced a template MyCouncillor story for our members.

Thanks to LDHQ we have spreadsheets to help you localise your content. Find out how many EU nationals live in your area and work in your local NHS trust.



Roger Putnam says

I cannot accept that we are about to leave the EU. This has to be one of the most damaging political decisions made since WW2. I refuse to accept the mistaken view of less than 52% of the voting public. (37% of the voter population as a whole.) The arrogance lies with those who are leading this utterly irresponsible crusade. I will continue to fight to remain in the EU.

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