Election Templates 2017 – Get out the Vote Pack

We’ve gathered together some of the essential campaign templates for you to easily adapt for your own elections. Do let us know if there’s anything else that you need and any feedback.

In partnership with Election Workshop, we’ve produced a year-long plan full of templates and print offers. You can use the guide to set advance local copy and photo deadlines, so that you’re able to design your leaflets in good time, ready for print deadlines. You can work out the cost of your campaign and raise the necessary funds.

Download the Year of Campaigning Guide and Planner.


Eve of Poll leaflet Two colour – PagePlus PDF

Eve of Poll leaflet Full colour – PagePlus PDF

Good Morning sunrise leaflet Two colour – PagePlus PDF

Good Morning sunrise leaflet Full colour – PagePlus PDF

Good Morning Plank – PagePlus PDF

Knock-up 1 addressed version Two colour – PagePlus PDF

Knock-up 2 black and white – PagePlus PDF

Knock-up 3 Two colour – PagePlus PDF

Knock-up 4 Two colour – PagePlus PDF

To help you on polling day here are a few more helpful templates including Polling Day briefing and script, car list, committee room list, literature examples, planner for people, sign in sheet , tellers rota, useful numbers list and preparation list – PagePlus PDF

Links to materials from all of our previous packs along with other useful materials can be found on our 2017 Election Templates page.

We are really keen to have your feedback on the pack. Please let our Campaigns Officer Claire Halliwell know if you have used the pack and if there is anything else which you would like to see for future publications. You can email Claire directly at claire.halliwell@aldc.org.


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