Budget 2017

ALDC and our colleagues at the LGA Lib Dems and LDHQ have prepared a number of resources for members to use immediately in the wake of today’s budget.


BBC at a glance guide

Comments on Social Care by Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson

Comments on school Funding from Cllr Liz Green

Local Gov coverage

The whole budget can be viewed here


Now is a great time to speak to people, either members or supporters, to encourage engagement with the party and our campaigns based on the budget.

This is a ‘strike while the iron is hot’ email, so we recommend using it within the next 24-48 hours – word

Budget Focus drop-ins broken promises – PagePlus and PDF

Budget Focus drop-ins Titanic Theresa – PagePlus and PDF

Budget Focus drop-ins Social Care – PagePlus and PDF

ALDC have prepared a template website stories for MyCllr users to use – Social Care- txt file / Budget winners and losers – txt file

Press Release from LDHQ on health, NI and schools – word

Template Press Release from LDHQ – word

Template letter to the papers from LDHQ – word

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