Article 50 drop in artwork and ideas

As you’ll know article 50 has been triggered today and we’ve prepared some templates and ideas for you to use in response.

We’ve produced four drop-in artwork ideas for your leaflets and a MyCouncillor article for your website:

  • Full-colour drop-in – ‘The only party with a plan’ – PDF and PagePlus
  • Full-colour drop-in – ‘You must have the final say’ – PDF and PagePlus
  • Two-colour drop-in – ‘Brexit Cash Crunch’ – PDF and PagePlus
  • Two-colour drop-in – ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it’ – PDF and PagePlus
  • MyCouncillor story

Colin Cross says

You must know the price before you buy anything.

Caroline Voaden says

Hi Ed,

Having just joined ALDC it's great to see these drop-in articles available for use in leaflets (I'm standing for the first time for Devon County Council in May so really helpful for me.)

I've noticed a few errors in the text in these articles that should be corrected before they go out in leaflets (editor by trade!).
Happy to email through what I've picked up if you let me have your email address.

Also, wondering if it would be possible to have thumbnails of PDFs on the site so you don't have to download everything to see it/read it. I've been exploring all the artwork, leaflets, Focus templates etc, but don't want to download absolutely everything to my computer before being able to have a quick look at it. Just wondered if that would be technically workable?

Thanks - and really not trying to sound critical, aiming to be constructively helpful!

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