Postal Vote Recruitment

What you do now, will make a difference in your election in May 2017 and even in future elections.

The postal vote is an increasingly important part of every election campaign. Turnout of postal voters is extremely high, especially if they have been receiving regular FOCUS leaflets and have met members of the team on the doorstep.

The doorstep is far and away the best place to recruit postal voters. I make it a rule to never go out on the doorstep without a wodge of postal vote application forms for our supporters to fill in.

Ask everyone who says they will be voting Lib Dem to consider voting by post. People with young families, commuters, people who may not be able to get out easily. Everyone. Signing up for a postal vote is the easiest thing that people can do to support their Lib Dem candidate. And the easiest place for us to ask them, is on their doorstep.

Mailings to our supporters asking them to sign-up for postal votes are also a good way to recruit new postal voters. You can even pre-fill in the form for them with their name and address using a mailmerge file from Connect. Our templates have everything you need to put together a great mailing to potential postal voters.

If you have elections in May, you will know by now how big your Shuttleworth needs to be. Ask your Connect officer to find out how many people on your Shuttleworth already have a postal vote. A good aim to start with is to work towards having a third of your Shuttleworth signed up for postal votes.

Here at ALDC we really believe in the power of the postal vote and we’re organising a Postal Vote Action Fortnight. As part of the fortnight we are teaming up with Election Workshop to produce affordable print, direct mail, artwork and campaign materials.

We are also running a Postal Vote webinar where you can get online training about making the most of your postal vote campaign. Sign-up here to take part.

The ALDC website is crammed full of useful resources to help you recruit more postal voters. Click here for our Postal Vote Action Pack and you can find more information here about our Postal Vote Action Fortnight.

Let us know how you get on recruiting postal voters in your patch. Remember, postal voters are much more likely to vote and the investment of your time now, will pay dividends on Polling Day.

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