New Scottish Key Messages Focus Templates

The message from two key campaign Launchpad events for candidates and campaigners in Scotland was delivered loud and clear by Willie Rennie, where we work we can win but work harder! We need to be knocking more doors and putting out more leaflets which have to deliver three essential campaign messages:-

We are Pro UK: And opposed to SNP plans for a second independence referendum.
We are Pro EU: Against Conservative plans for a hard Brexit and For UK residents to decide on the final Brexit package
We are Progressive For the Scottish Parliament to use its powers for moderate tax increases to maximise investment in mental health and education.

At this set of Council elections it will not simply be enough to campaign solely on local issues. Voters need to be reminded about where the Liberal Democrats stand on the critical issues of the day. At both

At both events Willie Rennie threw down the gauntlet to all candidates refusing to deliver any leaflets which don’t include our Party’s opposition to indyref2. We cannot leave the Pro UK field to be monopolised by Ruth Davidson and the Conservatives who want voters to face a binary choice between themselves and the SNP.

The shine is coming off the SNP. Their double whammy of hiking council tax for residents in band E to H properties whilst cutting funding to councils is proving toxic. Instead of scrapping the council tax, as they had promised for years, the SNP have meddled with the system. They have introduced huge Council tax rises from 7.5% for Band E properties to an eye-watering 22.5% for Band H. This will mean rises of between £100 to over £500 a year. We as Lib Dems opposed the changes in Parliament. We are the only party who argued for the Council Tax to be scrapped and now we need to ensure that that the blame for the massive council tax rise falls fairly and squarely with the SNP.

To help campaigners get these messages across we have produced an A3 and A4 Scottish Key Messages leaflet template which contain all the necessary artwork and articles. These only require minor adjustment to be tailored to your local Council and Ward campaign and contain space for you to drop in local stories and pictures. Check out the templates here. and good luck.


Candidate leaflet – PagePlus and PDF

Focus 1 – PagePlus and PDF

Focus 2 – PagePlus and PDF

Key Messages A4 – PagePlus and PDF

Key Messages A3 – PagePlus and PDF


Bryn Jones says

Hi all,

My advice for the focus that makes use of a ward map is to consider using open street map. Obviously OS maps and Google Maps have copyright issues.
More details here:
In brief, you'll be able to use open street maps without breaching copyright, as long as you credit them.

Just though I'd post this in case it's of use!

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